Sunday, September 14, 2014

Peek at my Week 9-15-14

Hey friends!
    Better late than never. I'm linking up with the fabulous Ms. Deedee to bring you a peek at my week.  I love this week.  Farm might be one of my favorite things to teach and the reason I'm currently working on a ginormous pack of plans, printables, centers and more all about the farm.  I should have it all finished by next weekend.  Until then here are my plans, as well as a lot of farm freebies. Remember, you'll have to download my plans, then click on the pictures within the plans to access the freebies and units I've listed.  

This is the unit I am currently working on, so it will not be available quite yet. 

Now to rewind to last week. Last week was our Walk-a-thon week. The whole school focused on health and fitness.  We read 2 books last week, Get up and Go and I.Q Get's Fit.  The kids loved both books and we did a lot of great reading.  

On Monday we made predictions!

 On Tuesday we looked at heading and found important details in the text under the specific headings.

On Wednesday, we discuss fluent reading and how good readers pay attention to punctuation when they read.  Students were introduced to the punctuation people and we searched for each of their punctuation in our letter in the morning.  We also practiced reading the sentences fluently according to the punctuation for each sentence. 
 Here is a sweet friend looking for Comma Claire's punctuation.

 After fluently reading Get up and Go, we did this punctuation sheet together.  We then practiced reading each sentence fluently.  
 On Thursday we compared our two stories.  Please ignore the ugliness of this chart. You can tell I prepared these circles at the last minute.  I do love the comparing and contrasting my students did though. They are seriously amazing me! :) 
 And on Friday, we walked! 
Our school raised $14,000.00 through the Walk-a-thon.  Such an easy and fun fundraiser.  

I'll be back soon with some fun on the farm!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Peek at My Week: Sept. 8th Plans

I'm going to try my hardest to link up with my sweet friend Deedee's, Peek at My Week as much as possible.  When I do, just click the plans below, download them and then click on the pictures within. Clikcing will either take you to a product or to a freebie. I usually have lots of freebies in these plans. This week we have our Walk-a-thon. This is a big fundraiser for our PTO and a week when we really promote health and wellness.  Due to the Walk-a-thon, my week is a little atypical.  But here it is, if you are interested.  

In addition, I've had lots of email about when I'll be finished with my Morning Menu for Second Grade. I just finished December and January and will start working on the next months soon.  If you want to check out the December/January Morning Menu, just click below. 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Linking up Late

What would my Five for Friday be if it was actually on a Friday?  Here are my 5!

This week we read Pete the Cat. We talked about character,  cause and effect, and sequencing.  

I'm not sure where I got this sequencing sheet but I loved teaching retelling words with this worksheet.  If anyone knows the creator I would love to give credit. 

We also created a list of topics we can write about this year to put in their writing binders.
This guy above is my amazing counselor. Y'all can be very jealous because I think we have the best counselor on earth.  He does some pretty amazing things for our school.  He not only comes to our classrooms and does lessons for our kiddos, he also does a great art therapy program, implemented a school bullying program and leads some awesome class plays. That is in addition to the fundraisers he leads, IEP's he sorts through and other endless duties.  He's all about building community and I love this art project he had our school family create. Everyone in the school received a fourth of a circle to decorate. Together we create a pretty beautiful picture.  
We also have these cool new raglan shirts to wear on Wednesdays when we have our class meetings to discuss feelings, concerns, bullying, etc.  
The front is our school name.  The back says, staff. Our parents and students have similar shirts with parent and student on the back.  I just love being part of such an great community.  

Are y'all so excited for Fall. Once school starts I'm pretty much over summer and ready for pumpkins and boots.  I created a little subway art of my favorite things in fall.

For all you second grade teachers, I'm so sorry I'm such a slacker.  I have had so many emails and messages and yes.... the December/January morning menu is almost complete. This weekend I'll be posting it in my shop.  

My Teacher Planner comes sometime today. I'm so excited to see it! 
If you don't have an Erin Condren Planner, you need one asap! 


Sunday, August 31, 2014

Five for Friday--A Little Late

8 days of school under my belt. I am so happy Labor Day swooped in an saved the day.  I am so thankful for a 3 day weekend.  Y'all have to agree that the first few weeks are exhausting.  It was such a crazy couple of weeks that I forgot to take pictures. I'm also a little distracted because this adorable boy started Pre-k across the hall.
On the first day we did the Kissing Hand Hunt.  Here are the cute little cookies Chester made us.
And here are just a few of the thousand activities we fit in, these first few days. 
We learned a big about characters this week. What characters are and character traits. On our first day, the students made a list of characters from the story as well as completed this sort.
The next day we brainstormed Chrysanthemum's character traits and gave reasons from the book to support our ideas. The students filled out their own character traits chart.
(Chrysanthemum is brave. I know this because she still went to school even though that the kids weren't kind.)
We also discussed setting and played setting match. Students matched the character with their proper setting.

There are a few products that I'm so excited about using this year! 

I absolutely love Abby's 20 day check-up for reading. It's perfect for intervention.
I am so excited about Cheryl's new product. Amazing!!! 
No kidding, this is one of the best products I've seen in forever!
It makes me look forward to Social Studies this year.
I got a sneak peek, but be on the lookout for this.

I am so happy I found Stephanie's Fluency activities. I love how she also has a matching printable, so I can keep track of that data. ;)
I've also finished laminating all the cards for my Focus Wall.  All of my phonics cards, grammar cards and math talk cards are laminated and ready to teach.  These cards are a great way to introduce these concepts. 

How cute is this lanyard my friend Cyndi sent me. Is it not precious? 

Behavior Bucks are extremely popular in my classroom right now. Excellent work, a certain number of centers completed, the quietest tables all get behavior bucks to buy privileges and prizes. If you didn't grab this freebie earlier, you can grab them on my Facebook page. 

And what would my Five for Friday be without a little fashion. 
Here are a few things on my wish list.
 I really want this dress! 
I am obsessed with J. Crew phone cases

 Pretty Top 
 Fun Placemats